A business is growing or dying - there is no in between


At The SmallBusinessGuide, we believe that growing the business is an exciting, yet anxious phase of the Life of a Business. But it is critical to the survival of any business that it keeps on growing - gaining new clients; developing new products or services and employing more staff.

Entrepreneurs are often weary of growing the business too fast (or even at all) as this could be fraught with danger if not undertaken properly. It is usually best to let the business determine it's own growth rate and path. That is, the business will "tell" you when it is time to hire more staff (for example) or create a new product; or amplify the Marketing Initiatives. But owners of Small Businesses lack the confidence to delegate even non-critical tasks; explaining that they would rather do the job themselves because then "it will be done right". This is a fatal error, that may cost the life of the business ultimately, as no business can expand if the owner does not remove himself from non-core functions.

"It is better to work ON your business, and not IN your business"

As professionals who have been in the Small Business space for over 20 years, we believe we have seen almost every type of Business and every type of Entrepreneur that exists. And through our hands-on experience, we have seen, first-hand, why certain businesses fail while others succeed.


Small Business is not easy - there are a multitude of challenges the Entrepreneur has to overcome. From starting the business all the way through to growing it and maintaining control.

We have established The SmallBusinessGuide to assist Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners achieve success.

The SmallBusinessGuide